The Sumos

The Answer is Twelve. Usually.

If you click the menu tab, you will see the Sumo Awards for the last five years. These will show that my tastes have not changed much in that time – or indeed in thirty years – and also that I cannot possibly see and play everything. This generates gaps. But who cares, it is my award, for me.

The strange factor is – most oddly – the answer is nearly always twelve. Twelve games, every year, that impress me. Two fail to make the Top Ten cut and they take it like troopers. The others behave quite well once shortlisted, and break down into the three categories without much difficulty. Only the brightest and best make Yokozuna, and the runners-up know deep down that they are inferior.

That was all fine until I came to analyse 2016. The shortlist came in at twenty plus. We play two or three games a week, most weeks. So let us say well over 100 new games per year. For some reason it went from 12% to 25% satisfaction. The pruning was hard. Very. Not that it matters much, but I hope you agree with some of my decisions.

The following image of me is by the talented Doris Matthaus, commissioned by Alan Moon for his Phantoms of The Ice card game.  Used with permission.


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