Modeller’s Notebook 2

I have been kindly sent some more products by The Airbrush Company. I have used their paints for many years now for airbrushing through the excellent Iwata and Neo brands, but the latest releases lend themselves to brush as well.

We can start with a brilliant product – Lifecolor Liquid Pigments. These are very fine powders in suspension (so no fixer required), with zero smell, and allow for the most delicate effects. I used the railway set which contains Smoke, Carriage Grime, Brake Dust, Frame Dirt and Rail Dust. These can be mixed and there are other sets to provide dust and rust effects.

The results, as you can see from the photo (top bogie is plain black unweathered), are extremely subtle. The clever part is that if you add too much colour or want to achieve that washed back look, the set contains a mild solvent that will remove some or all of the pigment.


I was quite happy with myself a few years ago when I worked out the colour of green damp on buildings and trees, and went to the Cornelissen art shop to select a pastel stick to make my own pigment. No more need for that faffing around as Lifecolor do a Leaking & Stains set – a treat for all lovers of damp and mould. A picture speaks a thousand words. Well, twenty.


In a similar vein I have been playing with some of the newer Lifecolor paint sets. These include White Wood (six useful shades of off white) and Stone Grey (six varied pots ranging from reddish to green).


I have been using the whites for everything from uniforms to stucco….


The Wilder range of paints and tools continues to grow. The latest releases include a range of matt oil paints in flesh tones (I will try these on my next bust) and a pot of flux. I have been soldering quite a bit recently and it works well. It is certainly a lot less messy than the soldering pastes on the market. You can just dip the parts or brush on.


And finally, something I have always needed comes from Iwata – a spray out pot; so that rather filling the room with solvents and paint while cleaning your airbrush, it goes safely in here. The pot is neatly baffled to receive the flow. There is still air pressure inside of course, but anything that does escape hits a replaceable filter on the top.  Works perfectly. Very nice indeed. If it had a bracket for my mobile phone it would be perfect!