The Sumos* 2020

You know what the asterisk means. I have played a lot of games this year but they were rarely new releases (mainly Paxii) and almost all were played online. So while I would normally have 20+ physical games on the Sumo shortlist, that was simply not going to happen. As we enter, today, the third […]

Gamer’s Notebook – Imperial Struggle

Imperial StruggleAnanda Gupta and Jason MatthewsGMT Games When games are announced I get nothing more than a mild twinge of excitement. Most don’t even achieve that. If the period, subject and scale are right, I file it away, knowing it will be years before I see it. By then, my tastes might have changed. Nowadays, […]

Gamer’s Notebook

I am a lot of things but never that original. A blog about lockdown gaming puts me at least ten thousandth in line. I have a few things to say and I will keep them short. Lockdown I started by having a break. I didn’t feel like gaming and our local minicon (starting the exact […]

The Festive Fifty

What follows is a list of my top fifty games of all time. I would like to write a little about each one, but at the moment I don’t have the time. Perhaps over the holidays I will get something done. Why now? 2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Sumo magazine, it was a year […]